What Is A Rumball?

rumballs_miss-bs-rumballsA rumball is a little round cookie with rum in it.  Rumballs need to rest, the processing time allows the flavors of the cookie to blend together.  The sweet rumball is fluffy, moist and melts in your mouth with a little kick from the rum that will put a smile on your face.

If rum is not your flavor, try whiskey balls, bourbon balls and cognac balls.

You can enjoy your rumballs made with walnuts, pecans (or both) and macadamia nuts.  Or, no nuts.

All orders are handmade from scratch.  The process begins when you place your order and will take about seven to ten days from start to delivery.

You must be twenty-one or older to order.

* This product does contains alcohol.  Do not eat and drive.