White Chocolate Rumballs – Yum!!!

I’ve put a date on it.  Retiring  June 2017, and going full time with Miss B’s.  Can’t wait.  I’m so excited

Had to pass up the chance to showcase Miss B’s Rumballs at the San Diego Spirit Fair this year but next year, I’m in.

Will be making my own vanilla extract as well.  Still working on the coconut rumballs.  And, plan to add a white chocolate rumball.  It will need to be taste tested first of course.

Added the coconut rumballs to my product line.

Will start working on the white chocolate rumballs this week.  Want to have as many delicious choices for customers as possible!  And, I have not forgotten about the gluten free folks.  I will be trying out a gluten free rumball soon.

Made a batch of the white chocolate rumballs. The flavor is very mild in the cookie so I added pieces of the white chocolate to the cookie when I rolled them.  Will take this batch to my day job for taste testing and if the reviews are positive, I will have a call out to my Facebook taste tasters.

Okay, it’s taste tester time.

Getting a great response from the Facebook call out for samples of my new white chocolate rumballs.  The sample will ship in a few weeks.  Big thanks to all of my taste testers.

OMG! 75 taste tester for the white chocolate.  I’m so excited.  Will have all of the samples out in the mail in a week or two.  It takes more time for the ball to firm up when other elements are added.  The original rum firm up quickly but the chocolate, coconut and white chocolate take their own sweet time…but they are worth the wait, if I say so myself. LOL

Well, as of today all the samples has shipped. WOW! Got some great feedback.  Some pro some con, all good.  Will be adding the white chocolate rumballs to my product line soon.  Still planning to try the gluten free soon.

Working on adding the white chocolate rumballs and a chocolate, chocolate chip rumballs to my produce line before the holidays.  Also, will be testing out the gluten free rumballs this week.  Using gluten free oat flour.  I will be grinding the oats for the flour  in a few days and will make original and a chocolate rum.  I have a few gluten free tasters testers already to try them out.

Well the holiday are here and I’m working on orders for Thanksgiving. Busy, busy and more busy.  Love it!

Hope everyone had a great and safe Thanksgiving.

Just added the pure white cognac to my produce line.  This is a limited supply item and only sold during the Christmas season.

Christmas orders are starting to come in.  Going to be a busy season.  Love it!

Had to lengthen the start to delivery time since its only me working.  Next year after I retire and working Miss B’s fulltime I can put the production time back to seven to ten days.  Will also be able to hire my first employee! Can’t wait

June is coming up soon and I’m really busy getting ready for retirement.  One has to plan for retirement you just can’t “jump”.  Anyway, soon I will be working Miss B’s fulltime.

Retirement coming soon!!!

Anyway, adding white chocolate, white chip cognac balls to my product line soon and still working on the gluten free rumballs.

Had  a few taste testers for the gluten free rumballs.  Used oat flour. Going to try rice flour next.

Change of date for retirement to July 31st.  Signing  the necessary forms on May 26th.  Getting close, can’t wait.  Much to do before the big day!!

Well, its July.  Last day of work is July 28, 2017.  Big day!! So exciting!!!!

Well its done.  I am a happy retired person and can now spend my days and nights making rumballs!!!

I’m continuing to detox from my day job, resting and just letting go.  So far so good.  It will take time.  Twenty-five years is a lot of stuff to let go of but I’m loving retirement.

Will be looking for my own commercial kitchen soon.  Close to home