Let’s Get Ready To Rumball

I am a happy retired person and can now spend my days and nights making rumballs!!!

I’m continuing to detox from my day job, resting and just letting go.  So far so good.  It will take time.  Twenty-five years and change is a lot of stuff to let go of but I’m loving it.

Looking around now for my own kitchen.  Close to home.  If anyone knows of a small space for rent or lease, say about 250sf to 400sf, a commercial kitchen ready to use or a restaurant looking to share space in long beach, Paramount or Compton, CA,  let me know.

Going to set up a page for caterer’s only, and try the gluten free rumballs with rice flour.  Will keep everyone posted.

Holidays are on the way, now’s the time to start thinking about what flavor of rum, whiskey, bourbon and cognac balls to add to your upcoming party and/or get together.

Had to have work done on my website as customers were not receiving order notifications and shipment notices.  Well, this has been fixed.  I want everything to go smoothly for all customers.

Added the White Chocolate, White Chip Cognac Balls to my product line, yum.

You can now place your order for your favorite rumballs via my Facebook page.  Don’t you just love simplicity!

Adding  white chips to the semi-sweet and dark chocolate rumballs soon.

Well I’m going into my ninth month of detox and feeling good!!!  I’m just about ready to move my feet forward with the ideas I have for Miss B’s.  I will be working on the gluten free samples this weekend. Anxious to see how they will taste and will need taste tester.

Will be making a trip to the Bahamas to pick up a few bottles of the pure white cognac for my customers who prefer the brand at the end of the month.

Started working on the gluten free rumball cookies today using rice flour.  Not in love with the consistency after baking.  Maybe need to grind the rice down until its a bit finer.

Have a great rumball day!