About Miss B of Miss B’s Rumballs®

miss bHow I Started Making Rumballs

When I was young, my mother would make rumballs during the Christmas holiday.  Every year in Ohio when the weather changed from fall to winter, my grandmother who lived in North Carolina would send a large box of nuts from her tree to our house.  My brother, sister and I would spend the cold afternoon cracking nuts, talking, laughing and eating them. What was not eaten was used to make rumballs.  While my brother and sister played, I would help my mother measure out the ingredients, bake and roll the cookies  into balls. My mother would put them away.  Never to be seen again by us children.

Years Later

Fast forward twenty years later while I was attending college, I remembered those days long past and an idea come to me that making rumballs myself and giving them as Christmas gifts would be great.  I called my mom and asked her for her old recipe but she said that she did not remember all of it, that it had just been to many years since she had made them.  So, I pieced together what my mother remembered and looked up a few recipes and began making my own rumballs.

A Detour

I made them a few times before moving on to cake decorating.  I finished college and began working full time and taking care of my son.  The office I worked in held an employee Christmas Bazaar every year and I would make and sell rumballs.  I moved on to another office and went back to cake decorating.

Back At It

Several promotions and another ten years later after making rumballs and handing them out every Christmas, I decided it would be great to start my own business and make rumballs all year round.  I began tweaking the recipe and working on ways to make it as fresh and flavorful as possible.

What you enjoy today has been a life long journey.

So, how do you like your balls? (Rum, Whiskey, Bourbon & Cognac)